Any East High School student, age 13-19 on January 1 of the school year.

EastMTB also welcomes independent riders (riders from another school that don’t have a team).

To join the team or form more information fill out the contact form located here
The Race Info document for each race includes an important link to the NICA Rulebook. Each rider should review and familiarize themselves with the rules.

Note the following rules, in particular:

  • Rule 2.1 re: Helmet use
  • Rule 2.19 re: Caffeine
  • Rule 4.6 re: Outside assistance during a race
  • Section 8 re: Scoring
Information for each race is located Here 

The Race Info for each race includes:
  • Race day schedule and link to Call Up numbers - *This section is at the bottom of the document and contains your exact race time, which will vary by race.
  • Directions to the race venue
  • Race course map, length of the course, # of laps required by category, elevation gain + more.
  • Pre-ride times
A pre-ride is a rider's opportunity to ride the race course at their leisure before the race. Of course, you may ride any of the race venues at any time, but the specific Colorado HS MTB race course is usually unmarked until race weekend. During race weekend, official pre-rides are the only opportunity for riders to ride the course as marked for the weekend race.

The coaches will often schedule a time for the team to pre-ride the course together, usually the day before the race. The official pre-ride times can be found in the RACE INFO document for each race.

IMPORTANT | Only coaches and registered racers are allowed on the course during official Pre-Rides.
A detailed Race Day schedule can be found at the bottom of the RACE INFO for each race. Race start times are staggered (from 9:00 am until approx. 2:30 pm) by grade and gender.

Large Categories of racers, such as Freshman Boys, will be split into groups, or “Waves”, with 50-60 riders each wave. Each wave will start 5-10 minutes apart.

Registered riders will be assigned a Call Up number. A rider's Call Up number determines the order they will be staged at the starting line and the Wave in which they will race. Riders are carefully lined up in rows of 4-5 to ensure safety. For example, riders with Call Ups 1-5 will be in the first row, 6-10 in the second row, etc. Call Ups 1-50 will race in Wave 1, and Call Ups 51-100 will race in Wave 2, etc.

Call Ups for each race are determined based on a rider's overall race results. Since new racers don't have a history with the league, expect their Call Ups to be near the back of the pack. A rider who starts their first race in the 80th position and finishes in the 60th position can expect their Call Up for the second race to be around 60.

Since Call Ups are dependent upon previous race results, Call Ups won't be available until 4-5 days before each race. There will be a link to the Call Ups at the very bottom of the RACE INFO document for each race.

Each team has a designated area at the race venue for their riders and families to relax, socialize, snack, tune bikes, and receive last-minute coaching. This area is called the Pit Zone and you'll see it right away when you arrive. Head to the area with all the tents and look for the EastMTB tent and trailer.

Riders can leave their bikes + gear in the safety of the Pit Zone while they're not racing.

There are food vendors at each race, however, there will also be food + drink for EastMTB riders and families under the EastMTB tent in the Pit Zone. It's a long, fun day so it's easier for riders to have potluck food + drink at the team tent. An EastMTB parent volunteer* will coordinate so you know what to bring for each race.

IMPORTANT | Caffeine is a banned substance on race day! Do not bring caffeinated sodas, energy drinks, gels, etc.

*Volunteers needed! Email sherree.totten@gmail.com to help!

As always, the mountain weather can be unpredictable so layers are highly recommended! Even nice Fall days tend to be very cool in the mornings and windy by late-afternoon! While much of the race course is through the trees, there is minimal shade around the Pit Zone, Start, and Finish lines where you will spend much of the day. See Rider Checklist and Fan Checklist located below for recommended items.
This is a short list of items Riders should have available on race day:
  • Bike + repair kit (tools, pump, CO2, tube, etc.)
  • Duffel or backpack with racing gear, including... helmet
  • Race clothes (including arm/leg warmers, rain jacket)
  • Water bottle or light Camelbak (coaches prefer water bottles) + energy gels
  • Cycling gloves + glasses + shoes
  • Layers for before/after race (pants, hoodie, heavy jacket)
  • Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen
These items are on the Fan Checklist
  • Layers of EastMTB gear to show your team spirit!
  • Cowbells + other noise makers for cheering camera and/or phone
  • Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen
  • Food contribution for EastMTB team area
  • Camp chairs - we have chairs for riders in the EastMTB trailer
  • Water + snacks - while there will be food and drinks in the Pit Zone, we highly recommend extra water + snacks for your family while roaming the race course
TIP | Bring a small backpack to contain all your things (including water + snacks). You will walk a lot!
We recommend you have your bike looked over the week before each race. Dave, our mechanic from EastMTB sponsor Turin Bicycles, will also be on hand on race day to assist with last- minute issues.

Dave will check each rider’s bike to ensure its in good working order but he won't have time for a full-blown tune-up so come with a working bike!

IMPORTANT | It's up to you to get your bike to Dave a few hours before you race. Remember there will be several EastMTB riders vying for Dave's time so don't wait until the last minute!

After the race, all race results will be on the RACE INFO page.  
The league hires professionals to photograph every event and each rider usually has at least 1-2 excellent photos taken while on the race course. Riders and parents are allowed to download these photographs for free.

Photographs are usually available a couple days after each race and will be accessible from the leagues’ Races page at coloradomtb.org

It takes 300+ volunteers to ensure each race runs smoothly and safely for the riders. Volunteering on race day is fun and can be a great way to calm nerves - especially for parents (who tend to be more anxious than the riders)!

At the top of each RACE INFO document for that race. There will be descriptions of all volunteer positions, along with times needed.
With the races beginning early in the morning and at beautiful mountain venues, you may find it more enjoyable or more convenient to stay near the venue the night before and/or after the race.

The specific RACE INFO document for each race includes a list of campgrounds and hotels offering CO MTB families discounts. Of course, you may also choose to rent a nearby home or cabin with another EastMTB family. or each race includes a list of campgrounds and

Wherever you stay, be sure to get plenty of rest before the big day!
EastMTB uses the TeamSnap app to communicate with riders and parents.

It is critical that coaches know which riders to expect at team events.

Riders are required to RSVP for team rides, races, and other team events via TeamSnap.